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It is with GREAT excitement and enthusiasm that we announce the official rebranding of our beloved networking organization.  6 Degrees Networking Group will now operate under the official name, Networking Group USA! October 2018 marks the four-year anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the very first 6 Degrees Networking Group chapter. The timing could not be any more appropriate as we continue to expand into the future.

FEAR NOT!  We are truly proud of our model and the success it has produced for our members.  That model will remain the same. The way in which our meetings are run, our accessibility to business women and men within the community, as well as the autonomy of each individual chapter, will endure as the unwavering foundation of our great organization. As always, networking here, with us, will always be FREE!

Will anything change?  To the benefit of every member, our name and new logo will now reflect a national presence.  In addition, we are building a new and improved website which will reinforce our commitment to providing our members with the best possible resources for connecting with and referring other fellow members. Stayed tuned…there’s more to come!

Why this change? Through the hard work and countless efforts of every chapter throughout MA and RI, 6 Degrees Networking Group LLC, grew to the point of being noticed by a California-based networking organization similarly named, 6 Degrees.  By way of their right to their nationwide trademark filed in 2012, they contacted me asking that we kindly respect their name and take the necessary action to alter ours.  It is also important to note that due to the success of our 6 Degrees, their organization has plans for future expansion to the east coast. This will not affect us as their model is quite different from ours. Their annual cost is $999, and they also limit their seats to only certain professions.  The model of Networking Group USA and the quality of our members will continue to be our competitive advantage against ANY competition.

I want to take this moment to thank each and every member that has been a part of OUR great organization. As we all continue to grow our respective businesses, let’s embrace this opportunity to implement a new and improved networking experience that we’ve all worked so hard to earn.




Brendon W. Elliot, Founder    

Our Mission:

As contributing members and business professionals within our community, we have a responsibility to come together and help other local businesses. We will aim to spread business within the group, as well as to group member’s established networks.


Download Forms:

Application to join

Meeting Layout:

Meetings – Twice a month 1 Hour each meeting

Member Seats – 1 per Professional Category (Only 1 Electrician, 1 Mechanic, 1 Residential Real Estate etc.)

Visitors – All are welcome!

Discussion Agenda:

Chapter Board Member:

Opening remarks, including the history of Networking Group USA and the direction in which we are moving. Any announcements that need to be made.

Members Round:

60 Seconds – Introduce who they are, what seat they hold, what topic they want to discuss, and what kind of referral they are looking for that week.

Visitor Introductions:

30 Seconds – Who, what, where, and looking for.


1 member each meeting, (discussed and scheduled ahead of time) will have a 5-8 minutes “Spotlight” to stand up and present their business, kind of work, portfolios, examples, success stories, and who the group can be thinking of to refer to that person.


Time after the allotted meeting to sit down, one on one (with another member and learn more in depth about each other’s businesses. Ex. An estate planning attorney and a Financial Adviser should spend extra time learn more about each other’s business and referrals.

Board Members:

5 board members will get together in order to make decisions on behalf of the group. If visitors would like to join the group, a majority vote will be needed to grant that seat. All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! We want this to be forever evolving into an efficient networking machine.

***  What to Bring  ***

  • Business cards
  • Cardholder Binder
  • Notepad
  • Any material you would like to leave with members

***  Attendance  ***

We only meet for 2 hours a month. That is a total of 6 hours per quarter. Absence from more than 2 missed meetings in a quarter will result in possible loss of the seat.

If unable to attend, a substitute can be sent in your place. This will not count as an absence for your seat.